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Other Projects

Technicast Corp.
11220 S. Garfield Ave.
South Gate, CA 90280

Technicast Corp. is a centrifugal foundry in South Gate, CA. We installed a 1 MW Jenbacher 320 power in a box unit. Here, we took the jacket water to a 30 ton Thermax absorption chiller, supplying their offices with A/C in the summer and heating in the winter. We then took the exhaust to two metal pre-heat ovens. Technicast melts all different types of metals. By preheating this metal to roughly 850 f, they not only consume less kW in bringing the metal to a molten state, but also cut down their melting time, leading to increased production. This Co-Generation system was completed in March 2002. In 2013, Technicast decided to replace their existing 1MW unit with a larger 1.4MW Jenchbacher enginer. OHR provided the design building services for this system. We increased their heat recovery capacity by adding heat exchangers on the existing 30 Ton absorption chiller to provide process cooling to their plants furnaces and casting machines. This allows Technicast to increase production by decreasing the time required to cool the molding machines and furnaces between melting shifts. This project was completed in June 2013.



Pacific Palms Conference Resort
1 Industrial Park Way
Industry, CA 91744

Pacific Palms Conference Resort is a full service resort in the City of Industry. Here we installed two 1,000KW Jenbacher 320 Power in a Box - 480 V. Utilizing the waste heat from the jacket water of each 1,000KW unit, we preheat the domestic hot water and building hydronic heating system. By piping into their existing hot water loop, their current boilers act as standby, only running in the event that the engine is down. This unit is also being converted so that is can run on a mixture of natural and Landfill gas. The hotel was built over a landfill, and the methane has historically been used to run one of the hotels two boilers. This co-generation system will now run on a mixture of about 30% landfill, 70% Natural Gas. Completed September 2002.

Ready Pac Produce
4401 Foxdale Ave.
Irwindale, CA 91706

Ready Pac Produce is a leader in the fresh cut packaged fruits and vegetables industry. We signed an EPC to install two (2) - 1600 kW Jenbacher 612 Gensets – 12 kV. Utilizing the heat from both units, we are supplying the entire steam load of the plant by producing 2,000 lbs. per hour of steam from each engine, giving them 4,000 lbs of steam an hour. Their existing boilers now act as stand by units and are only fired up when the engines are not running. Completed September, 2003.





Pall Medical/Medsep Corp.
1630 Industrial Park St.
Covina, CA 91722

Medsep is a leader in the production of blood bag and blood filtration systems. We were contracted to design and install a 1 MW Jenbacher 320 power in a box – 480 V. Here, we’re taking the jacket water to a 130 Ton Century absorption chiller. The exhaust is run through a Vaporphase waste heat recovery unit (WHRU) to make hot water. This hot water is run through a 120 Ton Century chiller. The two chillers are piped in series with the plants existing chillers, providing 250 Tons of free chilled water. Their electric chillers see that the return water is already at the target temperature of 42 deg. F, causing them to shut down, only to act as standby units. Completed August, 2003.



Distributed Generation Sites

Golden Era Productions
San Jacinto, CA

Golden Era Productions is a media production company located in San Jacinto, CA. Golden Era was looking to move completely off the Southern California Edison Grid. We installed one Jenbacher 320, 1 MW power in a box unit, which ran in island mode and supplied their entire complex with electricity.







Grand Crossings Industrial Park
City of Industry, CA

The City of Industry has become their own utility, and wished to serve the new Grand Crossings Industrial Park with electricity as their first customer. The Otto H. Rosentreter Company was hired by the City of Industry to design a 3 MW on-site generation plant to serve this new Industrial Park. One Jenbacher 320, 1,000KW unit was installed, with the infrastructure for two more units to be installed at a future date.