Services Provided

  • Turnkey Design/Build
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Management
  • Installation
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Financing

OHR Energy will work with you to find federal and state incentive programs which can significantly offset the cost of the fuel cell, cogeneration, and solar array installation.

Power Purchase Agreements:

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a contract between the PPA provider and the host customer for the purchase of either electricity, hot water, steam, chilled water or any combination of each.  As the PPA provider, OHR Energy secures funding for the project, maintains and monitors the energy production, and sells the energy to the host customer at a contractual price for the term of the contract.  PPA terms can range from 10 to 25 years.  Contracts can be structured in a variety of different ways, where the host customer has the option to purchase the system from the PPA provider at the end of the term, choose to renew the contract or have the PPA provider remove the equipment from their facility.