Ideal Candidates for Solar Systems


If you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions, then you are an ideal candidate for solar panel installation:

1. Do you work in one of the following industries/fields?

    • Waste Water Treatment Plants
    • Hotel/Casino Industry
    • Manufacturing
    • Health Care Industry
    • Food Storage and Processing
    • College and Universities
    • Foundry Industry
    • Office, Retail, Commercial and Apartment Buildings
    • Dairy with Digesters
    • Cheese Plants

2. Do you have an electrical demand?

3. Does your facility get direct sunlight?

Most solar deployments fall into two categories, requiring either a large, flat structure such as a rooftop or available ground space. For roof-mounted systems, generally you should have a minimum of 50,000 square feet and the roof should be less than 7 years old. For ground-mounted systems, the amount of land needed varies, but typically a minimum of 5-10 acres is needed for every MW.